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10 YouTube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face Part 1

YouTube is one of the world’s most popular search engines and social networks, with over two billion active users and more than 50 million people actively creating content.

Many people want to start making YouTube videos and become very successful, but they are terrified of displaying their faces. This blog will show you 10 brilliant ideas for your YouTube channel that you can implement without being on camera.

#1: Animation 

When a series of images are displayed in fast succession, an animator creates a mirage of movement known as animation. Using Animaker, you can build animated videos for your YouTube channel using pre-made designs and characters.

#2: Technology

You can build a YouTube channel where you discuss technological items or information. Insane Curiosity is an example of a technology channel. The goal of Insane Curiosity is to explain tech news, tips, facts, and experiences. The majority of their videos include voiceovers and video segments.

You may acquire video clips from tech companies by starting a tech YouTube account without displaying your face. Most of them will accept your wish because it provides them with free advertising while also assisting the growth of your YouTube channel, resulting in a win-win situation.

#3: Product Reviews & Do-It-Yourself Items

Another great way to maintain a YouTube channel without having to show your face is to use this method. You can make movies in which you review products while holding them in your hands or simply presenting them. This does not necessitate displaying our faces; only your hands are required.

#4: Data and statistics

You can make videos that exhibit data on a variety of subjects, like countries, football, music, and so on. Global Stats is an example of a channel. This channel is starting to gain traction, with around 10k subscribers and 15–60k views. 

#5: Lifesaver

You simply create videos for solving life problems with this type of YouTube channel. 5 Minutes Crafts is an example of this YouTube channel. 5 Minute Craft has over 70 million members, and the majority of their videos have over 1 million views without them having to reveal their faces.

#6: Mindfulness

Some YouTubers have dedicated channels to meditation videos. Soothing Relaxation is one example of this channel. You’ll find motivating and inspirational films on this channel that will help you relax and meditate. 

#7: monetary

These YouTube channels cover topics such as the financial market and the economy.

#8: opulence

This YouTube channel is dedicated to high-end and luxurious goods. Mr. Luxury is a good example. Mr. Luxury has a subscription base of around 500 thousand people.

You may outsource the movies to Fiverr or make them yourself because they are just photographs, video clips, and music. Collect the clips on Pexels or Pixabay, both of which are free to use. You can also use Envato elements, which aren’t free but make getting music and putting everything together more reasonable. 

#9: Footage from the Internet

Consider using only stock videos if you want to make excellent YouTube videos without displaying your face. You can use free stock pictures from sites like Unsplash and free stock videos from Pixabay and Pexels.

#10: Children’s Toys

This YouTube channel is all about kid toy reviews, DIY toy crafts, and more, as the name implies. Doctor Squish is an example of this type of channel. She squishes toys on her YouTube channel and is rarely seen in the videos. Only her hands appear, and she spends the most of her time chopping up toys and squashing them. 

You shouldn’t let the fact that you don’t want to reveal your face in your videos stop you from having a successful YouTube channel. I hope that this list of YouTube channel ideas for people who don’t want to show their faces will assist you in starting a YouTube channel and profiting from the online video platform. 

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