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10 YouTube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face part 2

If you’re new to YouTube, don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment, or simply don’t want to be seen on camera, we’ve covered 10 YouTube video ideas you may start without showing your face in prior blogs.

Many people want to start making YouTube videos and become very successful, but they are reluctant to display their faces in them. This Blog will show you 10 more excellent ideas for your YouTube channel that you can use without being seen on camera. 

#01: Slides for a Presentation

This YouTube channel uses presentation slides to generate videos about a variety of topics. Permission to Exist is an example of this channel. This YouTube channel uses studied and scientific material in the form of presentations to educate people.

You may produce voice-over videos using presentation slides created using Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote. For your films, you can also use Google Slides to generate slides.

#02: Unsettling Videos

Making creepy films for your YouTube channel does not require you to show your face. To make your videos, you can look up disturbing things that have happened in the past or utilise a screenplay for a scary storey. Slapped Ham is an example of this YouTube channel.

They employ someone to go out and research scary things that could have happened, such as ghosts, and then post videos about it on this YouTube channel. They’ll also hire someone to do the voiceover. 

#03: Vacation

Travel is one of YouTube’s most popular categories. If you enjoy travelling, you can make travel videos without having to show your face. Choose your camera, take gorgeous photos of the places you visit, add music, and make a lovely film. If you like, you can also include drone footage.

#04: Take a quiz

Quiz or riddle videos are popular on YouTube, and you can produce your own by using animation or stock footage and adding music. You can do them yourself or hire freelancers on Fiverr to do them for you. 1 Million Tests is an example of this type of YouTube channel. On this YouTube channel, you’ll find videos with relatable quizzes in a variety of categories. 

#05: Video games

Gaming is yet another popular YouTube category. Many successful YouTubers began their careers by streaming games and filming gameplay videos. Pewdipie began as a gamer and is now the most subscribed YouTuber in the world.

Game Statistics is an example of this YouTube channel. For their videos, they mainly use animation videos and video snippets. They only have roughly 3000 subscribers, yet they still generate a respectable profit. 

#06: Listicles 

Lists are the focus of this YouTube channel. Videos on the top 10 music videos, top 10 greatest videos, most-watched YouTube videos, and so on, for example. Elevate, for example, has roughly 20 million subscribers. You can assemble video clips into top 20 sequels by cutting and pasting them together. You collect video clips from several sequels and assemble them.

#07: Retrospective

Popular review channels exist, and you can write reviews for a variety of items and services. Think Media, for example, has around 1.5 million customers. This is a camera review channel, and while they did disclose their faces in their videos, you may do the same without doing so. 

#08: The Animal

Animal videos are made by YouTubers in this specialty. Funny Cat Life, for example, is a channel dedicated entirely to cats. The channel has over 150,000 followers and gets its footage from viewers who bring in their own recordings. Many cat owners will want their four-legged pals to appear on the popular platform, ensuring that Funny Cat Life receives a large amount of footage.

#09: Whiteboard 

One of the easiest ways to establish a YouTube channel without displaying your face is to use this method. The creator’s visuals will be drawn on the screen in this type of video. With software like VideoScribe or Doodly, you can make fantastic whiteboard animation videos. 

#10: Health

On YouTube, you can do a lot of different things with health channels. And affiliate marketing will account for the majority of your earnings. So you could look for things on Clickbank, make a video about it, and promote your affiliate link in the video description on YouTube.

The editing of your videos is now a critical component. Open Shot and OBS, both free software options, can be used to edit your videos. Fillmore is a premium option that costs $59 for a lifetime subscription. You shouldn’t let the fact that you don’t want to reveal your face in your videos stop you from having a successful YouTube channel.

I hope that this list of YouTube channel ideas for people who don’t want to show their faces will assist you in starting a YouTube channel and profiting from the online video platform. 

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