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Best Text To Speech online free Download In Human Like Voice

In a previous blog we talked about some YouTube video ideas you can try out without showing your face. But what if you don’t want to record your voice too? Don’t let these issues stop you from starting one more income source for you. Today we will tell you about the best text to speech software for YouTube videos along with how to use it. 

However, It require you a laptop or PC to do so, and you have to prepare a script for your video first. Let’s get into this and see how this works step by step. 

Step 1 : Selecting a topic for your video 

You cannot just start getting into it and start making videos without knowing which niche is perfect for you. Firstly you have to define your niche on which you will never get bored to make videos on. Ask yourself what you love to do, can you teach something or you like painting or you like to advise others and so on. As soon as you describe your niche you start selecting topics and move to step 2

Step 2 : Prepare a script 

Congratulations you have defined your niche and selected a topic for your video now next thing is the most crucial one… Prepare a script for your video. You cannot just put anything in your video if you don’t provide quality content no one will ever respect your content… therefore take your time to Prepare a script before making video

Step 3 : Use Text to Speech Software 

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You don’t want to record your voice no issue, all you need is a laptop or pic just. If you systematically do both the steps now it’s time to record the text you have written. The software we are going to use is IBM text to speech which is a premium software to record a voice however we will tell you how to do it for free. 

Open a tap on chrome and go to this url , now paste the script you have written before for your video here. As soon as you press this button you will be able to hear your text turn into speech. Here are so many human-like voices you can select on According to your requirements and yes we are done. But how to Save it? Let’s see step 4. 

Step 4 : Save Your Audio 

To do this you have to download a software first name Audacity. Audacity is a multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems that is completely free and easy to use. The user interface is available in a variety of languages. Audacity can be used to: Record live audio. 

Now Firstly search audacity on Google and download it according to your device. Open it and see this step carefully. Now go to these settings that are shown in the video carefully… Now you are all set to record your audio. 

Press this red button now and go to your previous text to speech platform and press the play button. As soon as you play this audacity software will start recording the voice and soon it is done simply press the stop button and now you can hear the recorded voice. For example… 

Hopefully this will help you to turn your text into speech in natural voice for free without any sign up. However in IBM text to speech you can not turn more than 5000 characters into speech in one go. However you can do it by breaking your script into two different parts. 

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