Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 Reviews – Is Tokyo Really Dead

Money Heist season 5 volume 1 is stealing Netflix viewers’ hearts. We’re sharing our honest opinions on Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 today, as well as money heist season 5 volume 1 fan reviews. 

On September 3, it seems that everyone was frantically refreshing their Netflix web page or app in search of a slate with the classic red jumpsuit and the Salvador Dali mask, signalling the start of the new and final season of La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist.

Money Heist’s writers seem to have an insatiable tendency of leaving us on a frustrating cliff-hanger in the fourth instalment of the crime-drama series. Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), a former inspector, penetrated The Professor’s (lvaro Morte) hideout and held him at gunpoint. Meanwhile, armed forces are preparing to raid Spain’s Royal Mint. 

Sierra has all of the odds in her favour as she plays a risky game of either utilising the Professor as a mouthpiece to influence his staff or simply suspending him from a chain over sewage water as part of part five. Meanwhile, Arturo (Enrique Arce) is plotting a violent coup against Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Stockholm (Esther Acebo) in the bank. Outside, the irritated Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) takes over as the poster child for bureaucracy, willing to go to any length to make himself appear good. 

What Works in Money Heist Season 5 Part 1

We’ve progressed far beyond what’s right and bad; today it’s all about surviving and making one’s life worth the theft. The anti-heroes have always been the focus of Money Heist, and how they triumph. They are, of course, on the dark side of the spectrum, and nothing they do excuses their actions.

The first part of Season 5 is all about the same thing. What motivates them to do what they do, and what is the cost to some of them? Tokyo, like in all four seasons, is narrating the storey, but this time with a sense of heaviness. Because the end is approaching, and not everyone will make it to the door. I’m trying really hard not to disclose any spoilers to you guys, so please bear with me.  

Money Heist season 5 Vol 1’s writing is mindful of its viewers. We’ve all seen how skilled these humans are at robbing things on the planet. So it takes us through their motivations as they strive to get away from the law. We learn a lot about Tokyo’s past, as well as a little about Denver. The filmmakers also introduce Rafael (Patrick Criad), a computer wizard who also happens to be the next thief, one level higher. We’ll have to wait and watch how he’s introduced to Professor’s timeline. He is, by the way, Berlin’s son! (That was the exact expression I was looking for.) 

While the tension is at an all-time high, and the question of who will overtake whom is the most exciting aspect, the camera that twirls around the rumbles like David Fincher is controlling it and lends life to the Bank, which has become a character in its own right.

I could go on and on about how exciting the new season is and how one of the most significant characters is killed off, but I’d be giving you a spoiler. So I come to a halt. Is there anything I’ve revealed? No, I didn’t do it. 

Is Tokyo dead in the first part of Money Heist season 5?

Money Heist Season 5 Ending, Explained: Are Tokyo and Gandia Dead or Alive?

The drama is unfolding at the Bank of Spain, where the criminals have been trapped for more than 100 hours since the theft began. Due to the war, the organisation was compelled to establish teams, one of which included Tokyo, Denver, and Manila.

The party is fighting the Spanish Army, which is breaking through the wall and is led by Sagasta and his warriors. Tokyo’s audacity prompted the police to fire snipers into the kitchen, resulting in Tokyo being shot five times in the arms and legs. Denver nearly avoids the bullets and makes it out alive. 

Tokyo realises that she won’t be able to escape from the bank’s kitchen dumbwaiter because it’s a six-floor height that she’ll find difficult to drop owing to her wounds. As a result, she instructs Denver and Manila to go downstairs and cushion the shaft’s bottom for her fall. The duo successfully approaches the hole and attempts to drill it.

The Army, on the other hand, enters the kitchen and is now within striking distance of Tokyo. She tells Professor that she would be their guardian angel from now on, recognising that time was running out for her, during her emotional reunion with Rio, who is unable to create a hole large enough to help. 

Despite her bullet wounds, she continues to battle the soldiers until she is again hit. Even in her ostensibly final moments, she shows dexterity as she laughs and pulls out a belt containing four grenades, presumably leading herself and the Army soldiers to their deaths.

If one looks at the images, it is reasonable to conclude that Tokyo has perished. Although the chances of her surviving the explosion and her injuries are slim, given the various twists and turns that the show’s creators have kept fans riveted and startled for five seasons, one would want to wait and watch. 

Money Heist Season 5 : Last Word 

Since September 3, Netflix has been streaming Volume 1 of Season 5 of Money Heist. To find out whether Tokyo miraculously survived or the conclusion accurately depicted the events, fans must wait until December 3 to watch the second volume and the final five episodes of the final season. 

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