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You Season 3: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know

You might be wondering where the programme will go next if you, like me, can’t wait for the highly anticipated next season of You. Our deadly main character Joe Goldberg, portrayed by Penn Badgley, was left on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of season two, with his future heading in one way and his dreams (obsessions) leading him in another. Season 3 of You has been given the green light by Netflix, so we know it’ll happen—but filming has been delayed owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even still, aside from stalking and cold-blooded murder, we have a pretty decent sense of what to expect. 

When will You Season 3 will Released? 

Netflix released the first delectable teaser for the upcoming season on August 30, announcing that season 3 would premiere on October 15. Joe bakes a magnificent birthday cake for their new kid in the first trailer, packed with what we can only hope is a gooey strawberry centre rather than blood. Joe’s distinctive voiceover reveals his son’s name Henry and his sadness that he and Love gave birth to a son instead of a daughter in the enticing short. “And I’d be lying if I said the prospect of having a mini-me wasn’t both exciting and challenging. Let’s just say I’m hoping you’ll follow my instructions rather than mine “He reads aloud. Joe, we feel the same way. He goes on to say, “However, I can change for you.” 

What will happen in You season 3?

If waiting for season 3 seems difficult, you’re in luck. Caroline Kepnes, the author of the book Hidden Bodies on which You is based, has released You Love Me, the third instalment in the You series. (Kepnes is also working on a fourth book—could this imply the programme will return for a fourth season?)

“Joe Goldberg is done with cities,” says the synopsis for the third book. He’s had it with the nonsense and the charlatans, and he’s had it with Love. On a little island in the Pacific Northwest, he’s now saying hello to nature and basic pleasures. He can finally breathe for the first time in a long time. He takes a job at the local library, where he can use his knowledge of books. And it’s there that he meets Mary Kay DiMarco. Librarian. Joe isn’t going to meddle, and he’s not going to obsess. He’ll win her over the old-fashioned way: by lending a sympathetic ear and a helping hand. In this tranquil town, they’ll both mend their wounds and start their happily ever after.”

The second book and season, of course, were vastly different. In the books, Love isn’t a crazed killer, but she does forgive Joe for his, hmm, misdeeds. Not to mention the fact that Joe is currently incarcerated. While You Love Me may not provide you a clear plan for the third season, it will keep you busy till the Netflix series returns. 

Sera Gamble, the showrunner, told Us Weekly that the third season will showcase Love’s own storylines. “The goal is to flesh her out—her point of view, her desires, and her problems—to the point where she feels as completely developed as her disturbed romantic partner.”

More details regarding the future plot and how the show’s lead couple deal with the hardships of being new parents were teased in a Vulture piece published in August 2021. According to the description, Joe is a wacky young father who lives in a fictional Bay Area suburb populated by tech millionaires, anti-vaxxers, and mommy bloggers. “While Joe’s new wife, Love Quinn, is as willing to murder for love as he is, his violent tendencies are unsatisfied.

What happened in the second season of You?

How Does Penn Badgley Feel About Playing Joe, You Season 3

Our romance-obsessed protagonist, Joe Goldberg, was transported to the West Coast in the second season of You, ready to start over in his version of hell, Los Angeles. He takes the name Will, works at a vegan grocery store/book cafe, meets his journalist neighbour and her vivacious sister, and appears to have given up his violent tendencies. That is, until Victoria Pedretti (Victoria Pedretti). 

At the end of the season, Joe becomes the good guy—sort of—by recognising his flaws and enclosing himself in his glass cage…until Love takes matters into her own twisted hands. Candace and Delilah, Joe’s ex-girlfriends and neighbours, are murdered, and her brother, Forty, is gaslighted until he is slain by a cop investigating the Quinn family. She also tells Joe about her pregnancy, which makes Joe feel stuck in Love’s suburban fairytale illusion. 

Last word 

It’s difficult to say who were the fans’ favourites in seasons 1 and 2. In You, no one truly dies—consider Candace (Amber Childers), whom fans mistook for a ghost in season 1. But she was alive and (somewhat) well in season 2…not for long, though. Perhaps she’ll show up in season 3, yet again as a hallucination of Joe’s imagination. Then there’s Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), who was killed at the end of season 1 but came up in a few season 2 episodes as a ghost haunting Joe’s awareness. And while the actor who played Love’s brother, Forty Quinn, James Scully, hasn’t mentioned anything about being back on set (and did die in the season 2 finale) (and did die in the season 2 finale) 

We’re guessing he’ll return in flashback form in Season 3 as Love deals with the aftermath of his untimely death.

After her sister Delilah was cruelly murdered by Love, Joe persuaded Ellie (Jenna Ortega) to go to Florida at the end of season 2. Given Ellie’s intelligence, we wouldn’t be surprised if she returned to California in season 3 to investigate her sister’s disappearance.

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